Una Fides sponsors twice yearly events hosting speakers in order to spiritually and socially
enrich its attendees. Most functions have been daytime luncheons for women that are
preceeded by either the Rosary or Stations of the Cross and then Mass. Through various topics
attendees are fortified in their Catholic Faith and given the opportunity for fellowship. Each
event also has a book sale with orthodox literature, CDs, DVDs, guest speaker books and small
gift items. Events are reasonably priced, funded by generous sponsors and organized by

Una Fides Past Events

Kitty Cleveland sang her message with her heart and her topic "God-given beauty".

Kitty Cleveland gave the audience laughter and spirit-filled tears when she sang and talked on God-given beauty.

Fr. Nick Tocco gave an inspiring homily at the Mass prior to the Kitty Cleveland event.

Fr. Larry Richards spoke on "Relationships and Reconciliation"

Sr. Joyce Zimmerman explained the new changes to the missal.

(left) Fr. Leo meets with the catering crew in the St. James kitchen who prepared his award-winning recipe for the luncheon.
(right) Before his talk, "Grace Before Meals", Fr. Leo helped serve a meal from his cookbook by the same name.

Speakers & topics we have hosted:

Kitty Ceveland  “God-Given Beauty”    May 10, 2012
Rosary, Mass and Luncheon at St. James Cathedral

Mr. Richard Allard  “Divine Mercy”    March 27-29, 2012
Talks on the Divine Mercy devotion, presented at Most Precious Blood, Corpus Christi, Holy Family and St. Margaret Mary parishes.

Fr. Larry Richards  “Relationships and Reconciliation”    September 2011
Rosary, Mass, Talk & luncheon at St. James Cathedral celebrating the Blessed Virgin Mary's birthday

Sr. Joyce Zimmerman  “Third Edition of the Roman Missal”    August 2011
Talk & luncheon at St. James Cathedral explaining the upcoming changes to the Missal

Fr. John O'Houlihan  “Divine Mercy Mission”    April 2011
Mass followed by talks on the Divine Mercy devotion, presented at St. James Cathedral, Corpus Christi parish and Holy Family parish

Fr. Leo Patalinghug  “Grace Before Meals”    April 2011
Stations, Mass, Talk & luncheon at St. James Cathedral featuring the speaker’s recipes

Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga  “Workshops on Prayer and Life”    October 2010
Brunch followed by talk at Bishop Moore High School

Steve Ray  “Do Catholics Know Their Faith?”    September 2010
Two two-hour Spanish presentations with simultaneous English translation

“Letters from God”  Movie Viewing & “Dutch” treat lunch at Crispers  April 2010

ImmaculĂ©e Ilabazia  “Left to Tell, Led by Faith”    January 2009
Mass, Rosary, Cathedral presentation followed by Women’s Luncheon 

Sister Nancy Murray  “Catherine of Siena”  March 2008
Theatrical Production at UCF in evening
Mass, Stations, St James Cathedral daytime with Woman’s Luncheon following

Barbara Nicolosi  “Living as a Disciple in a Media Age”  October 2007
Mass, Rosary, Women’s Luncheon at Cathedral  

Genevieve Kienke  Sunday Tea for Women & Young Ladies   February 2007
“A Woman in Today’s World—Creating a Haven of Love and Sanctuary of Peace” 
Women’s Luncheon at Cathedral, preceded by Mass
Monday Evening St. Joseph Reflection by Father John at Cathedral

Karen Hall Walker  “From Hollywood to Santiago de Compostela”    September 2006
Mass, Rosary, Women’s Luncheon at Cathedral   

Suzanne Fowler   “The Joy and Power of Lent”    February 2006
Mass, Rosary, Women’s Luncheon at Cathedral

Rosalind Moss  “From Judaism to the Fullness of Christ—The Passover Fulfilled” 
Evening presentation in Cathedral  October 2005
Mass, Rosary, “ Mary, Our Jewish Mother”   Women’s Luncheon

Grace MacKinnon   “The Eucharist”     April 2005
Mass, Rosary, Women’s Luncheon

Johnette Benkovic  “Authentic Catholic Womanhood”   October 2003
Mass, Rosary, Women’s Luncheon at Cathedral

Mary Jo Anderson  “The Sudarium” (Washcloth of Jesus)      March 2003
Women’s Luncheon at Cathedral

Kitty Martinez  “Personal Reflections on My Journey to Washington, DC” October 2002 Women’s Luncheon at Cathedral