Una Fides Accomplishments to Date:

  • ●Hosted a retreat with Mother Olga Yoqab at the Bethany Center, April 22-24, 2012
  • ●Organized and funded a dinner and conversation with renowned author, George Weigel, on the New Evangelization on April 9, 2014
  • ●Produced a Marriage Information Card, September, 2013
  • ●Coordinated and were the sole funders for Eric Genuis' concerts at Bishop Grady Villas, St. Andrew School, St. James School, Morning Star School, St. Charles School and at 7 prisons in the central Florida area from May 12-16, 2013
  • ●Organized "40 Minutes during the 40 Days to Easter Morning" series of 3 talks at St. James Cathedral on March 7, 14 and 21, 2013.
  • ●Organized a Praying for Priests project, in which an individual would commit to pray daily for a priest for a year. Every priest in the diocese was matched with a praying person.
  • ●Coordinated the Matthew Kelly "Living Every Day with Purpose and Passion" event with 5 parishes. A sold-out crowd of over 1000 people met at Holy Family Parish, February 23, 2013.
  • ●Organized and funded a dinner and talk, "Living Our Catholic Faith in America" given by Fr. Patrick Winslow (Catholic Radio Host and Scripture Study Lecturer) on September 27, 2012
  • ●Arranged for Fr. Patrick Winslow to speak to students at UCF Catholic Campus Ministry at their weekly Wednesday gathering on September 26, 2012
  • ●Organized & funded a May 2012 event hosting Kitty Cleveland, a nationally recognized speaker and singer.
  • ●Organized & marketed a movie outing to "October Baby" and "Dutch-treat" lunch in March 2012.
  • ●Organized & marketed Divine Mercy Mission talks at 4 parishes (Most Precious Blood, Corpus Christi, Holy Family and St. Margaret Mary) and distributed 2,000 Divine Mercy chaplets in March 2012.
  • ●Planned, funded and organized a physical exhibit, curriculum and library for the Vatican Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit which is available to parishes and schools at no cost to them. Initially marketed the exhibit to 1,600 individuals by invitation to three free events.
  • ●Planned and sponsored in January 2012, a three-day, two-night retreat at the Bethany Retreat Center for the purpose of nourishing those working in the Una Fides Apostolate so they may better serve their fellow Catholics.
  • ●Organized a local pilgrimage to the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe in celebration of October, the month of the Rosary. Included Garden Rosary, Mass, tour, teaching and "Dutch" treat lunch.
  • ●Organized & funded two presentations by Sr./Dr. Joyce Zimmerman on the Roman Missal, 3rd edition changes August 2011.
  • ●Organized & funded Divine Mercy talks by Fr. O'Holohan at 3 parishes and distributed 2,000 Divine Mercy chaplets in March 2011.
  • ●Supported and sponsored young Catholic Orlando, a ministry for adults in their 20s and 30s that is guided by a Steering Committee of young adults. Since its inception in May 2010, two dinners have gathered young adults to hear Steve Ray and Deacon Alex Jones, a monthly Brunch Bunch (Mass & Brunch) was initiated, three Faith & Food luncheon talks were hosted and an Our Catholic Faith Study group organized.
  • ●Organized a local pilgrimage to St. Jude Maronite Catholic Church Shrine in celebration of the 1600th year of St. Maron, January 2011.
  • ●Initiated a pilgrimage to Israel with Steve Ray, October 22-31; 21 people from Orlando traveled to Holy Land including Fr. Stephen Parkes whose expenses were covered by the group.
  • ●Initiated a plan for Hispanic Catholics that will more completely sustain and involve them in the Una Fides Ministry. This follows information gathered from the Father Larraņaga seminar survey cards.
  • ●Planned a March 2011 Retreat at Camp San Pedro.
  • ●Planned and executed a two-day Conference - “Discover...Deepen...Defend” in February 2010. Conference planning included brochure design, sponsorship campaign, speaker selection, marketing, registration, schedule design, vendors & book sale coordination, T-shirts & bags design, audio & technical organization, catering selection, and signage design.
  • ●Successfully orchestrated & funded a Friday night teen event for 200.
  • ●Formed an Una Fides Board of Directors which has formally led the direction of Una Fides for over 2 years.
  • ●Organized and funded twenty events hosting speakers such as Kitty Cleveland, Father Patalinghug, Fr. Larry Richards, Father Larraņaga, Immaculee Ilibagiza, Dr. Ray Guarendi and Rosalind Moss.
  • ●Procured 501c3 status-Una Fides became official nonprofit organization.
  • ●Created Una Fides website, www.UnaFides.com.
  • ●Continually create an Una Fides e-newsletter that sends twice-monthly notifications of upcoming Una Fides events and useful information for living the Catholic Faith.
  • ●Created and then revised for a second printing the Una Fides brochure.
  • ●Encouraged the formation of Our Catholic Faith study groups and hosted 15 facilitator workshops and training for 30 facilitators.
  • ●Hosted 4 two-night retreats for spiritual development and nourishment.
  • ●Hosted a Catholic Book Club since 2005 that has met year-round and read 8 literary works a year that deal with the Catholic Faith.
  • ●Hosted study group Masses and celebrations after completion of the Our Catholic Faith study.
  • ●Hosted a two-day facilitator retreat after the completion of study.
  • ●Printed and distributed of Year of the Priest cards.
  • ●Formed four new Bible Study groups studying: Romans by Scott Hahn, The Great Adventure, Matthew: The King and His Kingdom and Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom by Jeff Cavins.
  • ●Hosted a "Thank You Dinner" for two consecutive years for those Una Fides supporters who have given the gift of time to make the apostolate possible.
  • ●Designed and printed Una Fides stationery and logos.
  • ●Purchased supplies for hosting events for 225 people including: dishes, serving pieces, silverware, glasses, mugs, table cloths, banners, stands, signage, and decorations.
  • ●Maintain a supply of orthodox Catholic literature to sell at cost at Una Fides events.
  • ●Served 6,200 meals as of May 2012!

 The Case for Una Fides

To date Una Fides has made an impact on the lives of Catholics through the gracious gift of time and talent of 40 people, mostly women. Fourteen of these women give countless hours to the mission of Una Fides whose direct contact is to 1,500 people but open to anyone. Over 3,000 people have participated in the Una Fides Apostolate. Una Fides remains entirely organized and run by volunteers and is a non profit in the truest sense of the word!

Una Fides has specific needs. Although there is a board of directors and committee structure in place, the opportunity for Una Fides to do more in the Catholic community is great. For future sustainability and growth of this ministry, there needs to be an increase in volunteers and funding. It is in the board's heart to do everything we can to encourage people in their faith, but we realize that we simply cannot do it all ourselves and it is not God's intention that we do. Being involved in Una Fides is faith building and spiritually and personally fulfilling from a Catholic fellowship perspective. The board needs and wants to share this gift, vision, and ministry with those who are willing.

Una Fides roughly spends $2,000-5,000 more per event than registration takes in. We have made every effort to keep entry fees down to accommodate all economic situations while hosting higher caliber speakers and increasing our marketing efforts to reach more individuals. We always encourage our religious to attend at no cost and give scholarships to those who are in need. Over the last two years we have tripled our event number with the addition of the young adult ministry, Hispanic initiative, annual retreat and conference. This year we added the Vatican Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit which had $13,000 in start-up costs for equipment, materials and marketing.

Although we believe God will provide, we must be financially responsible and not plan events without sufficient funds or sponsors. In addition, the management and organization of a nonprofit has administration costs even though we incur little labor costs. In 2012 Una Fides could potentially bring its monetary resources dangerously low. We are asking you to be a partner with us in this ministry by making a monetary donation. Please also pray for us as we discern where God is leading this ministry and how we can accomplish His will.