Book Clubs

Una Fides Book Club Start Up & Guidelines

Una Fides Book Clubs originated from a desire of Our Catholic Faith Study participants to continue gathering knowledge and insight about their Catholic faith. From the early Church fathers down to present day, the men and women of Catholic faith have been prolific writers on hundreds of topics concerning Catholic beliefs, practices, morals, prayer, spirituality, etc. A Catholic book club has an unending choice of orthodox, compelling literature in the form of fiction, nonfiction, history, biographies and inspiring writings.

Una Fides and Our Catholic Faith have been warmly received in many parishes because your pastors trust that Una Fides is faithful to the magisterial teachings of the Church. The Una Fides format and selected titles extend that trust so that participants and pastors can be confident that your book club experience will enrich your faith and build lasting friendships with your sisters and brothers in Christ.

Requirements for beginning as Una Fides Book Club are:

  • Register your Book Club at Una Fides by calling discuss what is working for Una Fides Book Clubs presently and get helpful start-up tips.
  • Name as your facilitator or organizer someone who has taken the Our Catholic Faith Study and is knowledgeable about the tenets of Catholicism.
  • Submit a list of participants and the dates, time and location of your meetings.
  • Choose books for your first year's selection only from the recommended list on the Una Fides website. Call in your new Book Club's selections to (919) 578-7877.

Una Fides is very excited that you are considering starting a book club-a Book Club encompasses all three of the Una Fides goals of prayer, study and fellowship, plus it is just fun. It will push you to read books you might never have picked up by yourself! Our hope would be that you are challenged to think about your faith and then strive to strengthen and understand it. Because the number of potential great books to read is endless, we encourage Una Fides readers to avoid books that might raise doubts in readers' minds or lead them to popular heresies of today before they are well formed in the faith.

The Una Fides format is to choose 6-9 books per year at a selection meeting. Prior to this voting meeting, participants research the suggested books to ensure their quality. Each individual book club decides how often it wants to meet, where, and when. An effort is made to balance the reading list to include a variety of genres: inspiration, biography, fiction, history, etc. Everyone reads the same book and then discusses together. Discussions open with a prayer to the Holy Spirit that all conversations lead to a deeper understanding of the orthodox teachings of the Catholic Church.

The original Una Fides Book Club started in 2003 and still meets on Monday mornings every 6 to 8 weeks. If you would like to consider joining this book club, please call (919) 578-7877. See the Literary Recommendations page to see what books we have read.